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Each year the Dallas chapter of AHEPA awards an academic scholarships to a deserving prospective college students who are members of the local Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.  Please contact us for more information:  info@dallasahepa20.org

Maj. Gen. (ret., USA) Gary Bunch did the honors by presenting the AHEPA Veterans Medal to our Dallas AHEPA chapter veterans.  Well done!

Military Veterans Program

“The Mission of the Order of AHEPA Veterans Committee is to archive and recognize all veterans of the Order and Hellenic community through sound communication and publication.  Furthermore, to conduct fund raising and philanthropic outreach through a cohesive, limited, yet well defined activity that reflects well on the Order of AHEPA and brings credit to the organization at large”. 
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Procedure or different ways/occasions the Medal can be awarded, and how the ceremony should conducted VETERANS AWARD CEREMONY PROCEDURES VETERANS DATACOLLECTION FORM 
Sample Certificate in MS Word Letter From SP Galanis 2015
Procedure or different ways/occasions the Medal can be awarded, and how the ceremony should conducted 
Eligibility requirement for AHEPA Medal for Military Service includes Active, Reserve, National Guard Service and being Honorably Discharged. 
File a copy with your chapter Secretary after registration is complete.  Medals are normally shipped in the fall and in time for Veteran’s Day celebrations in November. Medals are $10.00 each which includes shipping
We request that a donation of $10.00 per medal for AHEPA Veteran Affairs projects . 
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AHEPA WREATH PROGRAM We are working with the AHEPA Veteran Committee to coordinate efforts to achieve this goal. This is a very worthy project and one which requires your immediate attention. Participatintng Chapters/Districts WASHINGTON CHAPTER 31(founders of program) "The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude."

Thalassemia Cooley's Anemia, also known as Thalassemia, is a fatal genetic blood disorder which affects people of Mediterranean descent. Today, in order to survive, children must receive blood transfusions every two weeks and receive painful drug injections via an infusion pump every night of their lives. In its major form Cooley's Anemia is fatal. Over two million people in the United States are carriers of the minor form and do not even know it. The bad news is that these people are at risk in passing along the major form if they have children. The good news is that finally a cure is in sight. 
AHEPA Cooley's Anemia Foundation For decades the AHEPA Cooley's Anemia Foundation has been working on a three-pronged attack to fight this fatal disorder. Funds have been raised to conduct screenings, to print and distribute educational materials and to support the research of leading hematologists and geneticists in the country.

Stella Jacovides presents a $40,000 donation from the Norfolk AHEPA Chapter 122 Charity Golf Tournament to Foundation Co-chairs Frances Gulas and Timothy Maniatis